FMC – Fonderia Metalli Centrifugati srl
Via Tito Carbone, 58
15050 – Carbonara Scrivia (AL)
P.IVA 00304580061

Tel: +39 0131 892101
Fax: +39 0131 892974

Manufacture of:
- bushings and rings
- snails and castings to design
- forgings and laminates
- bronze bars and tubes with continuous casting
- plates, paintings and hexagons
Mechanical machining
numerically controlled

Fonderia Metalli Centrifugati has been operating since 1970 with favorable results in the field of high speed centrifugation.

From the plants designed and manufactured in-house and patented at the competent offices of Milan arise homogeneous products of "tin bronze", "aluminum" to "brass", corresponding to the standards "UNI-DIN-SAE-ASTM" Which:

• bushes up to an external diameter of 3000 mm. with variable lengths even over one meter;
• snails smooth or mirroring a shape according to your request;
• rings up to an external diameter of 3000 mm;
• flanged bushes;
• bars in continuous casting (round, tubular, flat, shaped, calibrated bars)
• raw from forge and rolling

All our products can be machined if required, as we have a specialized department for roughing and finishing.

In a few months in the National and Abroad field we can guarantee the maximum technical and mechanical inherent to the applications of our product, the Company makes available, if requested by you, its own specialized Technician.

F.M.C. has a quality system certified by:

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FMC – Fonderia Metalli Centrifugati srl
Via Tito Carbone, 58    15050 – Carbonara Scrivia (AL)
P.IVA 00304580061       Tel: +39 0131 892101      Fax: +39 0131 892974